Bringing the world to the table.

Porcelain tableware handmade in Berlin, inspired by the colours of the world. 

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The colours of our collections are inspired by our travels

We mix colour pigments with porcelain to recreate a predominant colour that stayed in our memories from each journey. 

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Whether it’s a breakfast bowl or salad bowl, a ceramic cup to follow you around during the day with tasty coffee, we have a product for a variety of purposes. Go ahead and make your kitchen colourful.

Made by hand in our own studio in Berlin

All ceramic products are handmade in the slip casting technique, followed by several days of air drying, glazing and two kiln firings. 

All pieces are made to order, so that we keep the production as sustainable as possible by reducing stock and production waste. Meaning it will take 2-4 weeks to produce and ship your order.

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