About us

BRÜÜG is low German (Plattdeutsch) and means Bridge.

The idea behind the name BRÜÜG is a simple one. By making and purchasing tableware a bridge is build to people who need food support. 
We will share 10% of our profits with people who don't have the privilege of daily meals. This small act of solidarity will go to the World Food Programme by the UN as they are the world’s largest humanitarian organisation fighting hunger. The WFP helps the people amongst us who need the most urgent support. 



ANIKA SPEGEL is from the north-east of Germany. Travelling, cultures and crafts have always been touching topics to her. While spending several years working in Hotels in Cape Town, Hamburg, Miami and New York her wish to work creative grew more and more. She studied Product Design at the Royal Academy of Art in Den Haag and Muthesius Art School in Kiel. The studies mark the touching point with ceramics and led into developing the Porcelain label. BRÜÜG was founded in 2018.




RUI GORGULHO is from the south of Portugal. He spent his youth surfing the waves of Algarve and later studied Communication Design in Lisbon and London. He works as a Digital Creative Director and is the number one supporter and left hand of BRÜÜG. He is helping with the development of the brand and everything related to visuals.