When observing the world of today, the difference of life standards around the world can not go unnoticed. The imbalance of wealth across the globe make some of us fortunate and others unfortunate. Food is often a privilege that is taken for granted, at the same time we are very aware that many people do not have access to enough food.

Brüüg will share 10% of its’ profits with the World Food Programme.

We believe that everybody should be entitled to live a safe and healthy life. At the same time we know that a small craft business like ours will not make -the- difference.

However we do believe in movements. We have all watched single people moving mountains by raising awareness as well as organisations and companies making efforts to have a positive impact that grew big when a lot of people joined and supported them.



We intend Brüüg to be a part of a movement too. We hope that people will, not only in ceramics but in general, buy more into small, sustainable and fair businesses that care for the social and environmental development locally and globally. Our mission is to make as sustainable, ecological and ethical steps as possible in our process. We craft our products ourselves by hand in Berlin, ship only plastic free materials and the support to the WFP stands as our small act of social solidarity. There are many businesses already that share a percentage of their profits and we hope for even more likeminded companies, so that more important institutions can be supported. We care for this sustainable growth as it is pushing a more responsible way of handling the (limited) resources of the world.

Why support the World Food Programme?

By 2050 there will be around 10 billion people on earth. There is not enough food for everyone already. Hunger and scarcity of resources will intensify and the climate crisis even accelerates this problem.

The WFP is the largest humanitarian organisation fighting hunger. They operate on such large scale, that they can deliver food to locations where others don’t meet the logistical and structural means to reach those most in need. Simply put, their support will go to where it matters and truly saves lives. When disaster strikes, WFP is often the first on the ground. At the moment the world is experiencing an unprecedented number of hunger emergencies including Yemen, South Sudan and Syria. They help to provide people with emergency nutritions and lifesaving food for children and families in their most desperate time of need.



What is BRÜÜGs' goal?

Our goal is to make sustainable, timeless and high quality products that at the same time inspire people to a mindful movement. Production wise we aim to be as sustainable, ecological and ethical as possible, which is a process that’s still evolving and growing. We will publish our steps and progress on this website in order to function as a transparent and forward-looking company. We are super excited to get this project started.

SCHÖÖNEN DANK for coming along and supporting BRÜÜG!